The Mommy Woes, Vol. 1

mom woes

Little Darlings #1, #2 & #3 have chores that are done daily and weekly. However, #4 wants in on the action. As I was getting out after-school snacks, he told me he would clean the bathroom. It was #3’s week, so any extra help would be appreciated! A few minutes later he came down to announce he had cleaned the bathroom. I sent him back at least 4 times to do something else with the bathroom (put towels in the hamper, empty the trash can, put toothbrushes away, etc). Finally, snacks were done and so was he. Evening went on and I didn’t think any more about it.

After we put the kids to bed that night, I went to change and get ready for bed myself. That’s when I saw it. The help from Little Darling #4. The brand new empty box of toilet wand cleaners. My white bathroom was now blue. The toilet. The wall. The tile. The door. Blue. Everywhere.

I started cleaning up the mess. To my horror, my white was still blue! There are blue stains on the top of the toilet seat. The whole underneath of the toilet seat is blue. The lid is stained blue. The seal around the base of the toilet is still blue. My while tiles have large blue spots. The white trim in the bathroom has blue streaks. And even my wall has blue marks on it.

I want to laugh. I probably will in a few weeks. Unfortunately, all I can think about every time I walk into the bathroom is “I’m going to have to replace that. I’m going to need to repaint in here.” He was so proud of his accomplishment that I couldn’t even scold him.

This is why I don’t usually buy chemical cleaners. Lesson learned- homemade EVERYTHING from now on!!!!