Christmas can be a magical time of year for kids. There are parties, crafts, extra treats, gifts, plays, lights, glitter, and paper snowflakes!  And the most exciting part for them, of course, is Christmas break! However, this is also one of my most dreaded parts. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing things with my kids. And I love being around them all day long when they are not fighting. But, let’s be honest. With 4 Little Darlings, fights are inevitable!

Mornings are filled with “Everyone upstairs to your rooms” and “I need 30 minutes of absolute silence because I have a phone appointment” and “Ask your sister for help while I finish up work here.” I get as much work done as I can, then rack my brain for activities for everyone without losing my sanity. Apparently, I am not the only one! Off to the gym we go because I can get a 2 hour break.  That gives me an hour-long class, 10 minutes in the steam room, and 50 whole minutes to myself!

When I awoke from my 20 minute power nap, I felt such a camaraderie with the other moms that were napping in the lounge of the ladies’ locker room. We get each other. We know that look each one wears as she sinks into the plush, oversized leather seat. We understand the importance of those precious moments of solitude as we hide in the lounge. There is no judgment. There is no regret. There is no shame. There is just an understanding that we share.

Moms everywhere, I get you! In case no one has reminded you lately, YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB!