I’m sorry, WHAT?!?!?!


Kids are smart. They learn about life from somewhere, and I want to be their main source of information. Hubby and I have a parenting policy that nothing is off-limits. They can ask us questions about anything- and I mean ANYTHING! Oh, yeah! It’s uncomfortable! There are times when I want to kick them out of the room and say, “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” They bring up topics that make me want to say, “I’m sorry, WHAT?!?!?!” But if I don’t answer their questions, they will look for the answers somewhere. We live in a world where answers are easily accessible, but rarely line up with our values.

Some of the questions we have been asked have made us uncomfortable. But now that we have an almost-13-year-old (as she likes to remind us), the questions get CRAZY! And sometimes I have to initiate conversations. “But, Mom, why can’t I wear these pants anymore? They aren’t too short.” BAD ANSWER: “Because I said so. Just go change.” HONEST ANSWER: “Because they are too tight. I can see the outline of your underwear and you have camel toe.”   Great, now I’ve done it! Now we have more things to talk about! But I would rather explain it to her than have kids laugh at her at school over something she knows nothing about. Oh, and panty lines? I would rather explain a thong to her than Little Susie Slut next door telling her it will make her sexy and boys will love it.

Regardless of how crazy the questions become, I am so honored that my kids trust me enough to ask! What are some smart parenting policies that you have? What kind of crazy questions have your kids asked? Please share with us!