Wife Class 101: Is It Really Happily Ever After?

wedding dressThe engagement and wedding planning process has always intrigued me. I have heard many stores, seen a bazillion pictures, read numerous tales and witnessed some of today’s elaborate, over-the-top proposals. Then after months (and even years) of planning, prepping and stressing, the “magical” day is here. Hopefully everything goes off without a hitch. But normally something does not go exactly as planned. Some small adjustment is made and the day marches forward. The Big Day is magical. It is fantasized. It is magnified. It is made of little girl dreams mixed with big girl emotions.

When a girl is dating a guy she thinks could be “the one,” she fantasizes about the proposal. She has imagined every little detail. She has played out how things could go. Maybe it’s a surprise. Maybe it’s a huge celebration. Maybe it’s a private affair. But she has given time to imagine what that engagement could look like. Then after the proposal, she spends time making sure everyone notices the newly-placed ring on her finger. She tells the story to anyone with a pulse. Then comes the planning. Stacks of magazines overrun the kitchen table. Books are replaced with planners and to-do lists. She plans and coordinates every little detail of her wedding and the reception. How much time has she put into the events leading up to The Big Day? Ten hours? A hundred hours? Two hundred hours? Months? Years?

But how many hours do most women give to becoming a good wife? How many books has she read? How many minutes each day does she spend improving herself or her relationship? Even our romantic movies and books end with the couple finally finding each other. Then they get married and live happily every after. That is not real life. I have worked with MANY couples that suddenly wake up one day and realize the honeymoon is over, now what? The common thought seems to be that you have to plan this perfect wedding day and then everything after that will just fall into place. Unfortunately, that is completely backwards. It is easy to get married. It takes effort to stay married.

Every couple is different. The struggles one couple goes through another couple may never encounter. A big deal to one couple is no biggie to another. The next several posts are key components to marriage- and more importantly, to being a Good Wife. But these are not the ONLY components! There isn’t a step-by-step rule book to make a marriage successful. There are principles that are applied. We each have different personalities, preferences, quirks and that makes our marriages just as unique. Let’s talk about our responsibilities within our marriage. Let’s talk about the reality of marriage. Let’s talk about those crazy little things no one tells you will happen in marriage. We won’t talk about how to make your husband the best husband because I am not a husband. I am a wife. So what I can share are ways that we can be the best wives. We will also look at what God says about us. He gave us our uniqueness and He knows exactly how we can use it to benefit our marriage.

Welcome to Wife Class 101!

(If you have a specific marriage topic you want to hear about, leave a comment. It just might make it into one of the upcoming posts!)

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