Shine Brighter- July Life Out Loud Event

Shine Brighter

Many of you have probably seen the Facebook and Instagram pictures and read a few of the details for the event. Have you wondered what we actually do at these events? Have you questioned if this is something you would like?

Life Out Loud events are a once-a-month time to get together, meet new people, laugh together, and navigate life’s issues together. No one is alone in this journey of life- but sometimes you don’t realize that there is a community of women that want you to succeed and are willing to walk through the process with you.

In the “About” section, the description of Life Out Loud is not just about this blog. It is the purpose for what we do, whether in our women’s small groups, monthly events, or blog posts. It reads:

“Life Out Loud” probably seems like a catchy phrase that has no real meaning. But, in fact, it is the very essence of what I feel God has placed in my heart to accomplish. We see women all around us, through social media, that are living seemingly perfect lives. Their husbands are perfect. Their children are polished and polite. They constantly have #proudmom moments. We see their highlight reels. Then we look at our own hot mess of a life and wonder why we are failing at this. Over the years I have found this to be even more true within the church. We see the Sunday perfection and we have our mid-week friendships. We laugh together, we smile at everyone, but on the inside we are crying for someone to know the real us. The real person that is hurting, that wants to walk out on her marriage, that feels guilty because she yells at her kids when no one is around. Many of the life issues we face are not unique to us alone. Countless other women have struggled and overcome. But we don’t always hear about that side. We only see the amazing end-results. Life Out Loud is about addressing those “secret” parts we try to hide from others out of fear of judgment or condemnation.  Real Women= we are authentic. Real Lives= we are hard-working, busy, emotional, imperfect. Real Love for God= we are passionately seeking a loving God and doing our best to walk out our destiny for this life.

This month’s theme is SHINE BRIGHTER. We will discuss how we can shine brighter in a darker world, but we will also talk about how to find our strength in our dark moments of life. You will hear about real journeys from real women who have overcome. You will find a place where you can engage, be encouraged and leave empowered!

Join me every last Friday of the month.

July 31st ~ 7pm

San Marcos Golf Resort

One San Marcos Dr, Chandler AZ

Open to ALL women

FREE event!

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