I am a far cry from having it all together. Sure, sometimes I appear to do this mom-thing with ease. But then there are the moments behind the scenes that no one sees (except my hubby!). In fact, I had one of those failed mom-moments just this past weekend. Gasp! I know it’s shocking! You see, I have a Pinterest board specifically for the 4th of July. It’s filled with wonderful crafts, recipes and DIY decorations. This is my second time the 4th has come around and nothing from my Pinterest board can be found anywhere in my house. The only “decorating” that happened was the window clings the kids put up. How does this happen? Looking back at my week, how could I have failed at this one?


Sometimes I am hardest on myself. I expect so much out of me. But I would never hold others to the same, impossible standard. I love planning big, elaborate parties, yet I beat myself up because the house wasn’t patriotic enough for Independence Day. My children have never skipped meals for lack of food, yet I am kicking myself for not having a spectacular cake on display. And all those crafts I pinned? We don’t even have construction paper!

Where did my time go? Why didn’t I get everything done? I’m a full-time mom. And a full-time student. And I work. I made it to the gym 5 times. I did 6 loads of laundry. I cleaned the house, repeatedly. I cleaned the pool. I made meals each day for the family. I prepared a Sunday brunch for the whole church. I took one child to gymnastics everyday. I took another to archery. I spent an entire morning with a family from the church. I did the grocery shopping. I spent time in prayer. I spent time reading my Bible. I spent time with my kids. I spent time with my husband. As I reflect on my week/weekend, my time went exactly where I put it. We can beat ourselves up for the things we didn’t accomplish or we can appreciate the things we were able to do.

This Fourth of July may have been another Pinterest Fail, but it wasn’t a Life Fail. It was filled with memories made with my family. We had a movie night and everyone stayed up extra late. I made an apple pie for the first time. That pie with ice cream was a big hit with my kids. We picked out fireworks together and had a blast setting things on fire. We laughed, we played, we were happy.

Making memories
Making memories

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